Sunday, August 8

I need a turtle


That was my official time for yesterday's 5K.

I've been thinking quite a bit about how much I want to run another 5K race. Yesterday's race was free because my company paid for the entries for the first 30 entries or something like that.

I saw one guy from work who said he was twice as old as he was when he ran his last 5K and he figured he'd run it twice as slow. And he was pretty close.

Anyhow, can I make significant progress to feel good about running another 5K on my birthday in just over a month.

I don't think so - especially with my crazy schedule at work.

And anyway, I can run a 5K at home anytime. I can just measure out the path and do it.

My main goal for now is to complete the Hundred Pushups plan that I'm doing and at the same time increase the speed and quality of my running.

Another thought - My first mile was 9:17 yesterday. I wonder what the last two miles would have been like if my first mile had been 10 minutes or slower.

You often hear about rabbits setting the pace for people going out for fast marathons... But I think what I may have needed yesterday was a turtle.

I was very excited yesterday and I definitely went out way too fast.


Anonymous rslight said...

I'll bet that with good, consistent training you'll be under 30 minutes pretty fast. I remember it took me 33 minutes when I first started running, and I trimmed it down to 27 minutes within months. Good luck to you.

August 08, 2010 6:52 PM  

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