Tuesday, April 1

Back in the Saddle

You may recall that I injured my knee during my LA Marathon training...various tendons became inflamed and extremely painful anytime I tried running while wearing my knee braces. And I needed those because of my earlier ilio-tibial band injury, which precluded long runs (mroe than 5 miles) without the braces.

After nearly a month of virtually no running, and another several weeks of physical therapy, I went on my first run with my knee braces. I'm happy to report that I ran almost five and a half miles with no inflammation of the tendons in my knee, and thus no pain whatsoever. I'm continuing physical therapy to see if I can strengthen my knees enough so that I can ditch the braces altogether, but at the very least I'm back to where I was before my injury. I do still have occasional pains while running, but it's really no worse than I've always had; at this point I've just ceased to be paranoid about it. If nothing else, this signifies for me a mental shift from "recovering" to being "in training" again.

So, any suggestions for a summer/fall marathon I should run?



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