Saturday, March 8

Reconciliation and healing

In poetic feet, we have poetry and we have feet.
I've just returned from my first run on March - a quick 2 miles. Not as quick as I'd like of course, but I've got to get back in the habit of running more than four or five times a month.

Anyhow, here's a post about a friend of mine who is a poet.
And a documentary filmmaker.

Patrick Mureithi - a Kenyan - fitting in with the theme of this blog even more - has just finished a cut of his first full-length documentary. It's called ICYIZERE: hope. It's about workshops aimed at creating healing and reconciliation for survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

He's about to leave Springfield, Mo. to go back to Rwanda and show the film at a major film festival in the country. He will also shoot some footage to add to the film.

And he's started a blog where he will talk about his experiences in Rwanda.


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