Tuesday, March 25

Quote of the day - on having everything

“If I drank a lot of beer, I would have everything.” - Barnard Lagat, who lives in a gated community and barbecues four times a week.

From a story about Lagat's American Olympic dreams in today's New York Times.

And a bit about his training:

He did not train like many other distance runners. He worked out once a day, not twice. He ran 65 or 70 miles a week — maybe 80 at altitude in Flagstaff, Ariz. — not 120 or 130. He stressed quality over quantity, no running just for the sake of running, everything crisp and hard: tempo runs at slightly less than a five-minute pace, longer runs at just under six-minute pace, 13 miles in 70 minutes. He did hill repeats, from 300 meters to a mile, and on the track he ran 8x300 meters in 42 or 43 seconds with 45 seconds of rest in between. Or a brutal 500-meter repeat drill, in which he ran 300 meters in 42 seconds, jogged 100 meters in 30 seconds, then sprinted 200 meters in 28 seconds.


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