Monday, March 24

Frisco congrats

I'm your daytime waitress at the Taco Tiki Hut. I'm your daytime waitress, here's your stupid 7-Up -- The B-52s, Funplex

No groan or moan for me (rslight) this week.
Saturday's Frisco Highline Half Marathon in Springfield (and, I suppose, Willard) was a great experience, and I finished with a nice PR of 1:49:34 (beating my previous 1:52:57).
Having a flat course and pleasant weather helped. I tried to maintain an 8 minute per mile pace through the whole thing. There was a moment around mile 10 when I was tempted to speed up to overtake Bob Dewar, who was a little ahead of me, but I kept cool. It worked out.

Congrats to Jim Evans for taking first place and dominating his age group in the 5K.
Congrats to MS for dominating ... well, most everyone in the half marathon.
Congrats to Tangerine for her spirited participation in the 5K.

Gratuitous side note: The musical quotation above has nothing to do with running. I'm just glad the B-52s actually have a new album out.
When I first drove on an interstate highway in Texas as a teenager, I had the song "Roam" turned up loudly on something called a cassette player. Hopefully the new stuff on Funplex will be at least half as good. The song "Funplex" suggests it will.


Blogger bl said...

Congrats to everybody. I went three miles today. I am so out of shape.

But I'm doing better than the average American.

March 24, 2008 10:18 PM  
Blogger Jim Evans said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

March 25, 2008 12:51 PM  
Blogger Jim Evans said...

I was seven when the B-52 went into service. I was thirty when the B-52's went into service, and I never liked that hairdo. I still prefer the sound of Jefferson Airplane over the B-52 or the B52's.

Thanks for the accolades.

I'm working on how Tangerine can earn a pizza. Maybe a PR at Strafford next Saturday would do it.

March 25, 2008 12:52 PM  

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