Monday, March 31

22-minute land

Run away! Run children! Run for your life! -- Gnarls Barkley, Run

I (rslight) escaped from 23-minute 5K purgatory at Saturday's Northeast Greene County Relay for Life in Strafford. My new 5K PR is 22:51, trumping my previous best of 23:04 in November. Having a super easy, flat course really helped.
I received a Relay for Life water bottle for getting third in my age group. (Don't be jealous.)

Getting a PR like that puts you in a good mood. You read business news online and laugh and say, "Wow, stocks are going down just like my 5K time."

Ronald Rafferty, a runner who finished just before me, asked me what my goal was for the year. I paused at the question because I already reached my goal of going under 23:00. The next logical goal is to try and do it again, and see if I can become a permanent resident of 22-minute land.

Good luck to MS and Jim Evans as their April marathons approach. And good luck to anyone preparing for something I don't know about. (That should cover everybody.)


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