Friday, January 4

Hotter than Chicago

"Even hotter" was the headline of a sidebar story in the most recent Runners' World.
The Twin Cities marathon was the subject.

They interviewed a guy who is usually a 4-hour marathoner who ran 5:11 in Minneaopolis-St. Paul.

I'd like to think of myself as a 4-hour marathoner. I'd like to think that's what I'd trained to run in ideal conditions last October. But as we all know, the weather was far from ideal.

Still, I'm reminded of the Route 66 5K from last year. RSlight asked me if I was aiming at getting under 25 minutes. In truth, I was. But at the same time, I felt like I'd already done that.

Kind of like the whole 23 minute 5K thing right now. My PR is from June - 23:20. But I feel like I ought to be able to go out and run a 22 minute 5K right now. Then again, out to be don't mean it is.

But we'll see what happens whenever I run my next 5K.


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