Saturday, August 4

Memories of camp

I'm back from camp but I'm also about to leave town for the National Poetry Slam.

It was good running in New Mexico. Somehow, this year it seemed easier than last year. Of course, even though I'd recently run a marathon, I felt very out of shape last year. Being the slowest person at camp can contribute to that.

This year, I definitely wasn't the slowest. And that was nice for my self-esteem. But right now I'm competing more with the runner I was yesterday than other people. And I am getting faster and better.

So, the altitude wasn't quite as bad for me this year as it was last year.

Unfortunately, on Monday, I rolled my left ankle while running on a mountain trail. And my foot got stiff throughout the week and slowly got better and more loose. It's still a bit stiff as I type this. So, that unfortunately took a little out of the workouts for me.

But I did have a great time. And on the long run on Friday, we went up a mountain starting at 10,000 feet and going straight up for an hour and 15 minutes. My goal, and it wasn't easy, was to run the whole way. Two fellow campers stayed in front of me for most of the run. Running and then walking and then running some more. Everytime I got close, they got up the energy to start running again.

But that was OK. They were doing their workout and I was doing mine. It was good.

The altitude does make it hard, but sometimes the struggle to keep going is more mental than physical.

Anyhow, that's all for now. More thoughts on camp will be posted soon.


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