Sunday, August 5

Enter the whirlwind - time for a poetry slam

Well, I'll blog more about camp soon. But in less than 24 hours I'll be on the road again driving out to the National Poetry Slam finals, this year in Austin, Texas.

People think that it's hot running in Santa Fe. Ha. Not at 10,000 feet. Austin, however, will be different. The 7-day forecast has a high in the 90s everyday. And sunny. I'll need to get up early, but I'll be the only one in the condo that the Springfield team is renting. I think I'll also be taking naps.

This may also turn into a fairly easy week as I let my foot continue to get better.

Anyway, let me put up some links to poems that I may do depending on how the competition goes. These poems here are listed in no particular order. The one I'm least satisfied with is the Steve Prefontaine poem. I may do some more editing on it. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading. I'll let you know how the slam goes.

The marathon is tomorrow


I'm going to Winfield


I don't think it's bragging to say I'm something kinda special - Ali


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