Sunday, July 15

Sunday long runs

My alarm went off at 5 a.m. this morning. Somehow, I didn't really open my eyes until 5:50. Go figure. Still, I hit the trails at 6:30 and got in a good 15.4 miles. Yes, 15.4 miles. It's interesting to do math when every tenth of a mile is marked on the trail. I'll save you the calculations that would have gotten me to 21.

At one point today, I thought about going 21 miles. Then it got hot.

But there were times today when I felt like I was floating. Twice I past a group of runners that included the incredibly speedy Gerald Glass and Pam Sailors. Of course, we were going in opposite directions. It was always good to see runners coming in my direction because that was an added incentive to try and look like I was running easy.

Thinking about running 21 miles and then running 15.4 could be disappointing. But then I look back over my last three Sundays. 20 miles on an incredibly cool day. 13 miles in a double on a day when I overslept. And today, 15.4 on a day when I didn't get out as early as I would have liked.

And the bottom line for today's run is that my foot felt great. Great, of course, may be an overstatement. But my foot felt good.

I'm very happy with today's long run and next week I'll shoot for 18 again. If it's unseasonably cool again and I'm feeling awesomely great, I may even go for 20 or further. But 18 is my priority. There's no race next Saturday and this long run is important.


Blogger rslight said...

I'm loving the way some local runners make cameo appearances in some of your entries.
You saw Stephen Aleman a couple of weeks ago, and now here's Gerald Glass and Pam Sailors.
I'll have to venture off the gym treadmill more often to see more runners.
Of course, you'll never notice the following paragraph from me:
"I was running near the Nature Center when I noticed some unusual flowers I hadn't seen before. It was difficult to tell what type they were as I sped past Richard Johnson and Becky Lowrance."

July 17, 2007 5:42 AM  
Blogger bl said...

Don't say never.

Believe. Visualize. Do.

Or maybe it's Visualize. Believe. Do.

One or the other. We're still just beginning runners. But keep training and we'll be faster.

July 17, 2007 10:07 AM  

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