Thursday, July 12

Running the course of my 5K race

I almost felt it was cheating, but today I got a chance to get out with a CoxHealth training group and ran the actual 5K course for the CoxHealth women's run on July 21 in the Phelps Grove neighborhood. It is indeed an advantage to know the course in advance so you know what's in store for you on the race day.

The weather, again, was beautiful with the temperature probably in the 70s. Best of all, it was not very humid. We started slow and were instructed to run the conversation pace. Then, the group started to pick up for Mile 2 and Mile 3. I felt really good at the end that I sprinted to the finish. Oh, I was exhausted for a while, and sweat even got into my eyes. It sort had a stinging sensation, but I didn't care.


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