Monday, July 9

Who are we?

I've been meaning to do introductions of everyone here at this party I like to call my blog. I hope it helps everybody with motivation and inspiration for what we're training for. Feel free to correct anything that's incorrect here.

KWK - newest blog member. Has a Ph.D. in physics. Lives in Irvine, California.

R - second oldest blog member. Engaged to KWK. Studying for a Ph.D. in poetics. Or something like that. I'm not sure of the exact title. Also lives in Irvine, California. Training for LA Marathon in 2008.

Jim Evans - retired math teacher. Would probably battle KWK for position as least poetic member of the poetic feet team.

MS - professional photographer and currently fastest member of the poetic feet team. I'm gaining on him. Currently training for the Twin Cities Marathon. In fact, he's the one who put the idea in my head to run my third marathon in Minnesota.

Tangerine - married to MS. training for first half-marathon in November.

Rslight - training for first marathon in Chicago. It's actually the same day as the Twin Cities marathon. Set to have a good time and a great time.

Did I leave anything essential out? Did I get anything wrong?


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