Saturday, July 14

Chicago Gang

We are family -- Sister Sledge

Go to, click on inspiration bank and make a "withdrawal," and you'll see some of rslight's fellow 2007 Chicago Marathon participants.
They are Glenn a.k.a. Dusty "the Witty Brit;" Jessica "the Debut;" Allison "the Tribute;" Kathy "the Veteran;" Dave "the Lifestyle Makeover;" Joey "the Long Shot," and Jim "the Physician."
Mentally add me and I suppose you have "the Crazy Texan." The otherwise diverse group could use a Southerner. We'd make a good-looking bunch (chuckle).

I look forward to seeing how my posse is doing. It delights me that people across the country share my dream of crossing the Chicago finish line. Their diary entries have all the excitement, anxiety and hopefulness you would expect during marathon training. Some have already been injured. Jim got bit by a dog.

Dave is particularly inspiring and prolific. The Indiana runner weighed more than 300 pounds in 2005 and had bad health problems. But after losing more than 120 pounds last year, he signed up for his first marathon in Chicago.
His June 25 entry mentions how the enormity of the race and training are starting to sink in. I had the same thought that week as I did an easy four-miler on a gym treadmill. I can't believe I'm now referring to four miles as "easy."
Dave had a special June 29 entry that displays a picture on his watch. It probably seems a little silly if you aren't running the Chicago Marathon, but touching if you are.


Blogger R said...

it sucks to be bit by a dog. my knee STILL hurts.

July 16, 2007 6:33 PM  

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