Tuesday, May 29

Phi Beta Pink

OK. Here's my quick gripe of the day.

It's called Phi Beta Pink, a new line of loungewear and t-shirts by Victoria's Secret.

My gripe is specifically women who wear all sorts of clothing with pink plastered across the butt. I finished another run at the Y today on the treadmill and some woman in front of me was wearing Phi Beta Pink pants with Phi Beta Pink scrawled across her butt.

Now as complaints go, there are worse things a person can do.

But I'm just saying hey, don't tell me not to stare. I don't want to stare. But I can't help but notice when the word "pink" or the words "phi beta pink" are stuck to your butt.


Blogger rslight said...

The other day I was on a gym treadmill and saw a woman nearby wearing shorts with the word "juicy" across the butt.
I'm not sure what she was attempting to say with that.

May 30, 2007 6:09 PM  

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