Tuesday, May 29

Quote of the day

"Mostly I run because I am an animal, and a child, an artist and a saint. So too are you. Find your own play, your own self-renewing compulsion, and you will become the person you are meant to be." - George Sheehan.

I came across that quote in Trail Runner magazine today.

Jim Evans asked me during a 12-mile run on Sunday why I run. Because I can was my quick answer.

And I thought perhaps I should have a better more reflective answer than that. But in a sense, that sums it up. I can run so I do.

Although I wonder, do I run or do I jog? But I suppose I'm too hard on myself.

I run because I can. I love running in the woods when deer are running around me. I love running through the rain and splashing in puddles. I love it when mud is caked on my legs and on my socks. I love it when I'm sweaty and when I'm tired. I love being in the middle of a long run and my legs start to get loose. I love going faster than I think I can and finding out how long I can hold my pace.
I love it I love it I love it.


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