Friday, June 1


We've been a bit light on the poetry around here at Poetic Feet lately. I was reading in a book by Yehuda Amichai, one of my favorites, when I came across this earlier today and thought I'd share some.

And This is Your Glory


In my great silence and my small scream, I inspire
Mixed kinds. I was in water and I was in fire.
In Jerusalem and in Rome. I may get to Mecca, too.
But this time, God is hiding and Adam shouts Where are you.
And this is Your glory.

God lies on his back under the world. There
Somethings' always breaking down, needs repair.
I wanted to see Him, but I keep
Seeing only the soles of his shoes, and I weep.
And this is His glory.

Even the trees went off to choose a king.
A thousand times I started my life wondering.
At the end of the street, someone counts out flat:
That one and that one and that one and that
And this is Your glory.

Like an ancient torse with no legs and no arms,
Our life is more beautiful without heroic charms.
Remove my undershirt armor, yellow in the night,
I jousted with all the knights, till we switched off the light.
And this is my glory.

Put your mind at rest, your mind ran with me all the way,
Now it's tired, worthless, you might say.
I see you open the refrigerator, my girl,
Illuminated in the light of another world.
And this is my glory.
And this is His glory.
And this is Your glory.


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June 02, 2007 10:13 AM  

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