Friday, May 25

Keep on running

Today was kind of a long, strange day at work. I can encapsulate my day in one sentence. I worked more than 8 hours and I got so busy I forgot to eat lunch. I could have left at any time to eat lunch, but it was more important to stay at my desk and get stuff done or run errands and get stuff done. Somehow food feel by the wayside.

So anyway, after work I'm going for a short 3 mile run. Before I've even finished the first half mile I see a guy walking down the street. I say hey how are you doing. He says good, how are you? And I reply great.

Then as I pass him, in a slightly stronger voice, he says, "Keep on running."

Keep on running.

Well, seeing as I hadn't gone a half-mile yet, I definitely planned to. What did he mean, keep on running? Did he think I was about to quit? I was barely getting started. I can't look that bad. Nice encouragement though. Maybe he sees me running quite a bit. Maybe it occurred to him that sometimes the going gets rough. Keep on running. Maybe he remembers when he was young and exercised often. Maybe he remembers the day he stopped running. He wishes he hadn't stopped. Biggest mistake he ever made. He didn't have to stop. He doesn't want me to make the same mistake.

Keep on running.

I think I will.


Blogger Vajra said...

Well, I walked 3 miles around the reservoir on Friday. Glorious! keep on keeping on. Good rule.

May 27, 2007 12:26 AM  
Blogger Jim Evans said...

I tried stopping once.

I couldn't do it. After many years it evolves into a psychological addiction. You know you have paid a high price for this level of fitness and it will dissolve quickly. It becomes an investment you must preserve.

May 27, 2007 5:10 PM  

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