Wednesday, February 7

Quote of the day

"If this is something you really want then I’d go for it. Being passionate about what you do is almost better than being really good at what you do."

I can't really say where that quote came from. But the word almost is intriguing to me, fixating as I do sometimes on words.

But the most important part, of course, is the first part of the sentence: "being passionate about what you do..."

I remember being passionate about what I do. I also struggle with people who seem to put out other people's fires. People who thrive on demotivating people as Zig Ziglar says. It's like what I need to do is get as far away from those folks as possible. That, however, raises the question of how. But we'll see.

Right now I feel old because I don't want to go running until I see the doctor. Until I see the foot doctor that is. But I must run again because that's been greating for infusing more passion into my life. And that's what I need more and more of.


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