Saturday, February 3


I got out to the Y today and had a pretty good workout. Especially considering that after the first mile the treadmill I was stopped and flashed the word "error."

Anyhow, good hard running up steep inclines.

I feel like my post-marathon layoff has me feeling a bit out-of-shape but I'm also bring a stronger intensity to my workouts so it all balances out.

In other news, regular readers of the blog now how every so often a song, or a snippet of a song, gets stuck in my head. Today it's an old song by the classic rap group Whodini: When you were young, you wanted to be president. Sometimes I wonder where those dreams went.

In other words, I'm a little frustrated at work and seeking direction. We'll see how it all goes. I've got an appointment with the foot doctor in 9 days and hopefully he'll have some good advice, the weather will get a tad warmer and I'll start running even harder.

Running has definitely helped me handle stress better. Yet, I'm nowhere near becoming president.


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