Friday, February 2

Thinking about the foot doctor

My doctor appointment on Monday seems like a long time ago. After all, it was last month. And the referral to a foot doctor seemed like a long way into the future too.

However, it was actually two weeks into the future. And is not less than two weeks into the future. Wonder of wonders.

This is exciting because when I woke up today my foot hurt. Foot, ankle... And as I walked downstairs to the computer, the pain continued.

It's funny. I remember how there have been times in the past few months when seemingly exciting things happened. Like for example, getting a call from someone about a job opening. That really lifted my spirits and the pain seemed to go away. But the job didn't materialize and the pain stuck around. It's strange how emotions can affect the way our bodies feel.

Anywho, I may runover the next 10 days between now and my appointment with the foot doctor, but it will be real light running, I suppose. I don't have anything specific to train for. Mainly I just need to get ready for my doctor appointment and hopefully be optimistic about it.


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