Monday, January 29

Foot news and more

I went to the doctor today. I got a referral to a foot specialist. That's about all the news from here.

Well, I guess there's more. I went running yesterday. First time since the marathon. My foot felt OK, more or less. The problem's not gone, but I can still run. I guess my plan is to keep running and I just won't run further than 10 miles unless I get lost.

And I've just about decided where I want to go for my third marathon. Virgina Beach, Virginia. The town where I was born. And I want to train real hard so that I can put in a great run. My current goal, which I believe is very attainable is 3:45. However, if my training goes well, and I hope it will, I may even lower that goal.

So, in hoping to create a streak of a marathon every year, my plan is to run the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March 2008.

Anyhow, back to more pressing news. My appointment with the foot specialist is Feb. 12.


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