Saturday, January 27

I had a dream

I had a strange dream Thursday night. No, not strange. Memorable.

As memorable as any dream I suppose. Details being relatively fuzzy. But here are the basics.

I was in a town where they were about to have a marathon. But a relatively small marathon where the winning times would be closer to three hours than two hours.

I was talking to a woman who said she planned to run the race in about three hours.

So I asked if she planned to win.

If I didn't plan to win, she said, I would have as much joy.

Anyhow, that's what I remember of the dream. It was interesting to me. I've been thinking a lot about winning lately. Or placing in my age group.

I guess in some sense, you're always competing against yourself. But that's an empty feeling. Yet, maybe you win a small race, you're stuck with the knowledge that you couldn't have won a bigger race against better competition.

I guess part of it is just the knowledge that you gave your all. I feel like I haven't done that yet in training or running a race. I've come close in a 5K or two. And completing a marathon is no small feat. But giving less than my best bothers me a bit.

Anyhow, my foot continues to bother me. All this typing makes me want to work out. I'm going to go hop on the rowing machine at the Y.


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