Tuesday, February 27

Inspiring story of success over cancer

It's early in the morning and I'm not thinking very clearly yet. But I've just read a story I want to share with you about the female winner of the Cowtown Marathon, Siri Terjesen. There's a great story from the Fort Worth newspaper about her.

Here is an excerpt:

"There are a lot of people out there who are watching a marathon who have not done one," Terjesen said, "so I think it's really important to be positive and smiley at the end so they do not think it is a death sentence."

She does not toss that term around lightly.

Only 41 days ago, Terjesen was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Scary words because, in advanced stages, it is a death sentence. Terjesen was lucky. Hers was in a very early stage and required only surgery. She was back running two weeks later.

On Saturday, 21 days after that surgery, Terjesen ran fast, faster than any other woman to win the Cowtown.

"I am very lucky that I am healthy now and very lucky to be alive and very lucky to run very well," Terjesen said. "I was thinking about whether or not to even say something about it, but I think it is really important."


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