Sunday, January 21

Recovery continues

It's been a week since the marathon. I haven't run at all. A blister persists on my right foot. My left ankle feels sore. It's been sore on and off for months though.

The weather has cooperated greatly in convincing me to rest and not run. My internet service has been spotty too. At home, at least. At work I've been too busy to think about blogging here. Usually I wouldn't blog from work anyhow.

The next week promises to be quite busy at work also. So it may be more time to recuperate.

I'm going to train now with a specific goal in mind though. Speed.

I haven't picked my next race yet as I mainly just want to run a few miles before I focus on any particular race. But I do have goals.

A sub-50 minute 10K.
A sub 1:45 half marathon.

Those are my main goals. A distant third is a sub 21 minute 5K.

We'll see how it goes. First, though, is the hard work of training. And having fun doing it.


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