Saturday, January 20

Listening to my body

It's strange how running can be the furthest (furthererest?) thing from your mind when there's a blister on your foot. This blister I've currently got on my right foot seems like the first one I've ever had. Although that's probably not true. It's just the most painful. Heck, I've got a blister on my other foot that I barely even think about.

But, my plan for now is to take it easy. Listen to the body. The below freezing temperatures and trees covered in ice help with that. Then there's my job and doing the jobs of two people and working with software I wasn't trained on. I don't even have evergy left to go running after work at this point and my co-worker won't be back until the end of next week. Of course, all that stress at work can't be good for recovery.

I don't know how many times on Friday that I said if and when I run another marathon, I'm taking a week off just like I did the first time. Live and learn.


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