Monday, January 15

Beautiful course, beautiful women

Well, I've finished my second marathon. In chilly Arizona. I have to smile everytime I hear the Arizonans bemoan their cold weather. I seem to have somehow escaped the ice in Springfield.

The best thing about marathons - everyone is beautiful, especially the women.

Funny story. I hear a woman during the race say we did it just for you. I look over and notice that this woman along with the woman running next to her are wearing t-shirts that say, "my running partner has great boobs."

I couldn't quite pass these woman to look back and see if the shirts were accurate. Well, I could have but that would have been a waste of energy. I also heard them say they were carrying around a couple of extra pounds. Shortly after they pulled away, I started talking briefly with a woman who commented on how it wasn't fair that my legs are so long. I mentioned that her short legs had better turnover and she conceded that it probably evened out.

Interesting to run a race and continually be passed by people of all shapes and sizes. Lots with grey hair.

But the best thing - the absolute best thing about marathons - is finishing and getting the finisher's medal.

Although now I'm going to work a bit harder on getting faster. That elusive 2 hour mark in the half-marathon will be mine before the end of the year.


Blogger Jim Evans said...

I got your text message and phone messages but have not been able to complete either because of our intermitten service.

I will talk to you later.

Jim Evans

January 15, 2007 8:57 PM  

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