Thursday, October 5

A Tempo Run

Today marked the second day in a row I got up early and drove to a trail. Today's run was at the Frisco Highline Trail. Nice thing about the Frisco Highline is it is so wide that there aren't nearly as many spiderwebs to run through.

Sometime yesterday after eating more than I should have at a pizza buffet, I thought about doing 12 miles today. I listened to my body and my stomach when I woke up and that just didn't happen. I've got to stop going to buffets and having four or five plates full of food. It's not really good fuel for running

Anyhow, I decided I'd try to do a tempo run, kind of like what we did in Santa Fe. As I recall that was running at about the 10K pace for 40 minutes to simulate the pain we'd feel during a race. It seemed appropriate to do the run at the Frisco Highline since the tempo run in Santa Fe was on the Lamy Rail Trail, another trail on a former railroad.

As I started out today running to get loose, I remembered the quote about running harder when you feel good so as not to waste good training time. This definitely was not a day when I felt good. Boy I've got to start eating better. However, it was definitely a good workout. However, I'm looking forward to the next Daylight Savings Time change when the sun will start coming up an hour earlier. That will help make these early morning workouts a bit easier.


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