Thursday, September 28

The Spirit of Winfield

So, for those of you following the history of these Well Fed Head Poetry Slams, here's the way it's gone: I won the first slam. I came in last in the second slam. I won the third slam.

drumroll please

A fellow poet, Brady Bilyeu, mentioned how no champion poet had made it to the finals of the subsequent slam.

A friend told me how no matter what I did, I'd do better than the St. Louis Cardinals who are losing a tremendous lead in the penant race.

Well, I came in second.

But better than the small amount of money I won, a lady came up to me and talked about Winfield. She said I captured the spirit of Winfield. That was worth as much as actually winning the slam. It felt great to hear that.

Maybe I'll get back to Winfield someday.


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