Wednesday, October 4

Spiderwebs, new shoes and trail running

Today was the first day I got up and drove to a trail to go running before work. It was great.

Part of it was wanting to try out my new trail running shoes that I bought yesterday. Part of it was trying to get back into the habit of running first thing in the morning. I think though that I subsconsciously run harder on the trail than I would otherwise. A couple of reasons for that. No cars. Natural declines. And spider webs.

There's something about running through a spider web and then trying to speed up to make sure there's not any spiders on my shoulder. That's the one bad thing about trail running. Spider webs everywhere. A few weeks ago there was a discussion with some running friends of mine on whether they are cob webs or spiderwebs. Well I saw a couple that I ducked and turned around to avoid. When there's a huge spider in the middle of the web, it's clearly a spider web.

I suppose they probably aren't poisonous, but I'd rather not find out by getting bit.


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