Wednesday, October 18

Fun with elevation

Here's something I just noticed yesterday. I was at the USATF map a route site and it seemed to be going pretty slow to me. Then I scrolled down and saw that in addition to calculating distance, it was also calculating changes in elevation for the route.
That was great fun and something I'll use more often.
However, the hills I thought were pretty big aren't actually that steep after all.


Anonymous nate said...

If you are not already using Google Earth, you need to (not Google Maps!). It is amazing in ways far too numerous to list here, and in ways far beyond the confines of mere route mapping - but it does that too, and it does it better than anything else, since you can see the terrain. The new beta version includes elevation as well, which I recently noticed.
Takes some real computer juice though. Be warned.

October 18, 2006 11:25 AM  

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