Wednesday, October 18

Darcy Africa and Trail Runner Magazine

Attitude, attitude, attitude.

I want to write about that as much as possible on my blog to drive home the message to me.

A few weeks ago I bought my first issue of Trail Runner magazine and subscribed soon after reading every article in it.

The best article by far was the cover story on Darcy Africa. And the best part of that piece was the following quote: "She knows the power of a happy face and that that energy is reflected back at you," says friend, training partner and neighbor Stephanie Ehret. "You know she's suffering just like anybody else, but she maintains a cool, calm, upbeat exterior."

I've got to remember that for the race when I'm finally able to sustain a really hard, punishing pace and I can run as hard as I can for the whole distance. Smile through the pain, smile through suffering.


Blogger Cherie Kail said...

Harder, more punishing are the days off when you're injured. I had to keep thinking that these last two days...should have taken an extra day after last Saturday's grueling schedule. Anyhow, I booked a room in West Memphis, 6.7 miles from the starting line, to keep in the back of my mind that there IS an end to this waiting for pain to subside. This stinks. I've never felt a running injury like THIS !!!

October 20, 2006 3:47 PM  
Blogger BL said...

It's too early to taper but trust me my friend, your training thus far has prepared you to finish strong.

It's your first marathon. Don't get too caught up in your time or trying to qualify for Boston. I know that part of you wants to win, but relax. Let go of that and just see what happens.

Marathon training and going 20 miles is going to be more intense than what you've done before. Eat lots, relax and prepare to have a good time. You're going to do great. Just don't complicate any injuries.

Now, I'm going to google sciatica so I can begin to understand what you thnk is wrong.

October 20, 2006 5:48 PM  

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