Sunday, May 14

River Run Reflections

Well, the River Run was a fun race. The results aren't up yet, but time doesn't matter but so much. I know I finished in under an hour. Way back at the end of last year, that was one of my goals for this year. That was back when 10 minute miles seemed almost unattainable. Now, I'm running 8-minute miles on the treadmill and wondering how long I can sustain it and how much faster I can go.

The River Run was interesting because I didn't want to go so fast that I'd be sore the next day. But I also wanted to run well and enjoy myself. It's hard to do that when people who look like they're struggling are nonetheless passing you by. And everybody's passing you as well. But maybe I just started too far up.

I kept reminding myself that I was only racing one person. Me. I kept repeating that in my head. Until I got to the last mile. Then I kept repeating to myself, 20 more to go. Ha. A completely different race to be run a different way but it was fun to think about.

Then when the race was over, that was my mantra. 21 days to 20 more miles. I also thought about how six years earlier I was still finishing the River Run.


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