Sunday, May 7

Artsfest part one

There's an artsfest in town this weekend. It closes up shop today in about 10 minutes actually. I got in a couple of hours. Plenty of time to hear some good music and see a little art.

But the first order of the day was running. (Well, it's Sunday and I went to church at 7 a.m. but what I really wanted to do was go running. It was a day when I didn't particularly feel like running, but not running was not an option.)

Anyways, I did a 12-mile run with my friend Allen. A pretty good run. But here's the crazy thing. I thought it was a bit cold out. My computer tells me that it's currently 63 degrees out. It was probably cooler when we left to go running.

So what I did was put on a t-shirt and a long-sleeved t-shirt no top of that. I figured to get ready for a June race, I really needed to sweat. Boy, did I sweat. I probably didn't drink enough gatorade either. When I got back home, I looked in the mirror and saw white residue (salt) caked on my face. But a good run.

Anyway, I went to artsfest and looked around. I was standing by the Mayapple stage when I was reminded of a phrase I saw posted about a bar door in Little Rock:
If dreams were fire and lightning was desire, this old house would have burned down a long time ago.


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