Saturday, May 6


I started running as an adult back in 2000 when I lived in Wichita. I remember talking to a friend at work about running and asking him where to look for races. I thought racing would help motivate me.

He seemed a bit offended. I don't remember his exact words. But they were something like: Races? You don't need races. Runners are disciplined. Just get out there and run everyday.

Anyhow, that was a short-lived fascination with running. Hopefully this time things will last longer.

I saw a great quote in an e-mail from Runner's World that came yesterday: "Use racing to keep you motivated. It's hard to keep on an exercise program if you don't have a significant goal in sight."
-Traci Nicholas, Runner's World marketing designer

Wichita's biggest race is next week and I'm looking forward to doing it again. The Wichita River Run!


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