Friday, May 12

True dreams of Wichita

Well, here we go. Three races in four weeks.
Tomorrow - the 30th annual Bank of America River Run
A week from tomorrow - the Bass Pro Conservation 5K
And three weeks from tomorrow - the Sunburst Marathon!!! (Hard to believe it's so close.)

But back to the races. I'm trying not to think about these as races. No. They're really running parties. At the speed I'll be going, I might be able to carry on a conversation with someone for a little bit. Just have a good time. Enjoy the day. Get an accurate time for a fun run out in the sun or the beautiful rain.

I’ve seen the
Rains of the real world
Come forward on the plain
I’ve seen the kansas of your sweet little myth...

True dreams of Wichita, baby.
Hopefully it will be a good trip with zero time spent staring at a computer screen.


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