Sunday, March 12

One mile

Since I've started running, I've been surprised at how many people say they couldn't run a mile. Actually, what's most surprising is the folks who say they couldn't run much farther than to their car. They don't know how short one mile really is.

I mean, one mile is 5,280 feet. 1600 meters. Four laps around the track. The distance from Sunshine to Grand.

Just about anybody in reasonable shape can run or run/walk a mile.

Running 26.2 miles though. That's been pretty tough.

It's a bit like sit-ups. On the sit-up board at the Y, no matter the incline, I can do one sit-up. But doing 26.2 (that's actually 28 the way I count) was tougher when I first started it, especially at steep angles.

But 26.2 miles is what I'm focused on.


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