Saturday, March 11

Don't sell yourself short

A friend of mine sent a letter the other day. She said that a lot of the people she went to college with seem to have accomplished a lot more than she has.

I've been meaning to call or write and tell her that I think she's underestimating her accomplishments quite a bit. Especially the achievement of running two marathons. But not just that.

I think everybody has the ability sometimes to compare themselves to other folks and not count all of the things they've done.

And then there's the message I saw on the back of someone's shirt at the St. Jude Marathon - Be a completer, not a competer.

Anyhow, you who wrote me, you know who you are. But dear reader, I'm sure you've also at some point wondered whether you measure up.

We've all got our own individual race to run.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Enough said. T

March 12, 2006 6:50 PM  

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