Wednesday, March 8

Long run schedule

Today was the first day I was able to work out since the Half-Marathon. The soreness is finally starting to go away. Today I went to the Y and did some cross training - got on an elliptical trainer and also lifted weights.

But the Sunburst Marathon is now less than three months away.

So I've been trying to make a more specific plan for increasing my long runs to get me ready for race day and a three week taper.

March 12 - 7 miles

March 18 or 19 - 15 miles.

March 25 - Frisco High Line 10K (6.2 miles)

April 1 or 2 - 18 miles

April 8 or 9 - 9 miles

April 15 or 16 - 20 miles (I just noticed I'm planning my first 20-miles for tax day.)

April 22 or 23 - 10 miles.

April 29 or 30 - 22 miles or maybe 20 miles again. We'll see.

May 6 or 7 - 10 miles.

May 13 or 14 - Bank of America River Run - possibly one last long run in Wichita.

And after the River Run there's only three weeks left until the marathon in South Bend. That will be time for the taper.

Anyhow, this schedule is subject to revision and flexibility. I'll gladly take suggestions. Hopefully I'll have training partners. There are still more gaps in the training I need to hammer out but Rebecca keeps telling me the Long Run is the most important thing. Hopefully I'm laying a good foundation here.


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