Monday, March 6

No Pain

Am I in pain after running a half-marathon yesterday? Not really. I'm a little sore but after driving home, I took a lukewarm/cold bath and got a good night's rest.

For me, there was no wall. One brief moment on one of the hills I questioned what I was doing and whether I really wanted to do a full marathon. That moment didn't last long.

I know I can run a half-marathon faster than I did yesterday - the bathroom break I took had to eat at list two minutes into my time. But I ran hard and put in a good effort. I didn't have the same feeling I had after the St. Jude Half-Marathon that I didn't train hard enough or run fast enough. And I did sprint hard to the finish line again and I was real happy about that.

But I haven't felt real pain in these half-marathons and I know that's part of the marathon. I've got to be mentally, physically and spiritually ready for that.

I realized yesterday that I pretty much did what I'd trained to do. Now I've got to train to do something a good bit harder.


Blogger BL said...

OK, if you look at the time stamp, I made this post early in the morning. Now that it's the end of the day, I admit, I'm a bit sore. I notice it especially when taking the stairs.

But I've also noticed that if I do something and I'm afraid that it will hurt, it's hard to do it. And if I just do it, lift my leg for instance, the pain isn't quite so bad as I imagine.

March 06, 2006 9:12 PM  

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