Friday, January 27

Do I have a cigarette?

So today I'm walking home from work. It's dark out but that's no big problem. Anyhow, as I'm leaving the parking lot at work, a guy calls out to me. I turn and say, huh?

He asks Do you have a cigarette?

I shout back no.

As he gets a little closer, he explains that he just got out of jail and he didn't know if I had a cigarette or not.

Really, the jail is just a few blocks north of where I work.

A few steps later I heard him ask some guy outside a club if he had 50 cents so he could make a phone call.

I did not turn around to see if he got it. I just started walking faster.

Usually walking home from work is a lot less stressful than it was today.


Blogger Rebecca said...

Was it stressful because you didn't want to talk to a stranger? Or because you didn't know what he'd been in for? Or because you didn't have $0.50?... I bet you could outrun him. :)

[fuegxuz] (excuse me)

January 29, 2006 7:16 PM  

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