Sunday, January 22

Boy am I slow

Usually when I post about how slow I am, I'm talking about running.

However, today's newspaper reminded me of how slow I can be mentally.

On the front page of the sports section, there was a big article headlined, "A boy named Bilyeu."

It was about a self-described country boy who plays basketball for Missouri State. Young Mr. Bilyeu is a country music fan. The big photo is not of Mr. Bilyeu playing basketball, but of him in his dorm room with a large poster of Johnny Cash behind him.

Yet, it wasn't until I got back from today's run (about 10 miles) that I looked down at the paper and thought, "Oh, that's a play on that song title.

Now if you're looking for something from this post to apply to your workout, check out these quotes about Mr. Bilyeu:

"He just comes to work, every day," teammate Blake Ahearn said. "Nobody competes any harder."

Added coach Barry Hinson: "People love him because he's relentless."


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