Monday, January 23

self-medicating with sushi

My neck has been hurting me lately.

Maybe it's because I ran about 10 miles on both Friday and Sunday. That's 20 miles in 3 days.

Maybe it's because I threw some pretty intense weight lifting and cross training into the mix on Saturday.

Maybe it's because I've been stressing about all sorts of things.

Maybe it's because I've been sleeping funny.

Anyhow, I decided that the answer to my problems, partially at least, had to be to relax more. And while sitting at home here I thought to myself, what could be more relaxing than a nice meal. And sushi came to mind.

So I walked down to the nearest sushi restaurant. I love the cosmopolitan diverse metropolis I live in.

Anyhow, as I ate the food, I felt the tight muscles in my neck loosen up a bit. I remembered how the last time I'd been in that restaurant, it was because I was incredibly congested and I thought some wasabi would really hit the spot.

And tonight, as I enjoyed my sushi, I thought, "This is good."


Blogger handisnacks said...

Hey BL,

I haven't read all of your blogs . . yet. just the 10 that were posted on the page. I'm glad you ate sushi tonight. Thanks for calling and for the message. Its too late to call so I'm taking the written route. Here's a hug and a wish that you could let go of some stress, somehow.

I went to Yoga tonight and that relieved a lot of my stress and made my body feel very nice--stretched and relaxed. I wanted to fall asleep on the gym floor, on the yoga mat that has probably been sweated on by 50 other strangers. But I couldn't because there was a class immediately afterwards.

I'm about ready to fall asleep typing. Take care.


January 23, 2006 10:56 PM  

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