Sunday, March 8

Couch Potato to 5K

I've been looking at some different Couch to 5K schedules, and this one looks good. It's only four months long, as opposed to seven months, which seems pretty long... But, one of my friends, specifically the one who got into amazing shape at the end of this last year, uses this website.

This week, my mileage was again two miles--mainly because it was too cold to go outside at the beginning of the week. I did another workout today, this time pairing my mile on a treadmill with some time on an elliptical machine and lifting weights. My knee started to feel funny when I was doing squats, so I stopped them, and other than a few twinges on the bike ride home, it seems to be doing okay. I'll pay attention to it when I run next. Not much news with this workout: last week, I'd added a little weight to most of the things that I do, so this week, I was mainly doing the same weights, but finding it slightly easier.


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