Thursday, February 26

Quote of the day

"We were built to run. We truly were."

Patti Serrano on Runners Club podcast.

This week I've been downloading lots of podcasts. I downloaded this old one called Runners Club and it was really interesting.

I ran three times this week. I literally can't remember the last time I ran three times in one week.
And I hope to run at least once more this week. Possibly a 5 mile run on Saturday. Maybe tomorrow. We'll see.
Now, these are baby steps.

I ran one mile on Monday. And maybe I ran a little too hard because I was sore on Tuesday. Then I ran about 3 miles on Wednesday and I tried to consciously go slow. (As if I need to think about it.) Today, Thursday, I ran 1 mile again.

It's interesting starting back again right now because on my first two runs of the week, the roads were really snowy and icy. Today there were just isolated icy patches - which was actually not as good a situation as Monday and Tuesday because you don't worry as much about the footing when everything looks clear.

Anyway, exercising religiously again. It feels good.


Blogger R said...

Yay for running again! And for updating this blog. I like this blog.

My hip was sore this morning, after running a mile yesterday. I'm wondering if I should take it even easier than I have been... I just really don't want to. I already feel like a slug.

March 01, 2009 12:29 PM  

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