Sunday, May 18

Race for a Roof, and the Ultimate Workout

I skipped the 5K I was planning to run last weekend in favor of this morning's "Race for a Roof" 5K sponsored by the Ohio State chapter of Habitat for Humanity. I participated in it, though I wouldn't say I "raced" by any means. After playing 6 hours of Ultimate Frisbee in the May Fiasco Tournament yesterday, I was far too stiff, sore, and physically exhausted to run the 3.1 miles at any kind of reasonable pace. Which was OK, because I had some friends who were just planning to walk the Race course anyway. So I staggered along with them on a nice leisurely stroll through the Ohio State campus.

I'll just shoot for a PR on my next 5K.

Long-distance running has been my one consistent physical activity for the last 7 years or so, and even though I'm in pretty good shape as a result, apparently there are plenty of muscles that I don't use when I simply run for several hours at a consistent pace. However, these other muscles do get used--extensively--in the endless succession of short sprints that are required for Ultimate. On top of that, there is also the throwing, diving, and stretching which worked my upper body. All of this means that I haven't been this sore and tired since at least my last marathon several years back. Even my throat is sore from shouting during the matches, and from cheering on my teammates when I was on the sidelines.

I should definitely do this again sometime...


Blogger rslight said...

That's honorable that you didn't let Habitat for Humanity down.

May 19, 2008 8:55 AM  

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