Wednesday, April 9

Running Experiment

My physical therapist decided to try a little experiment today. Since I severely overpronate (i've been told I have feet like Calvin), she taped my feet after our session today, and then asked me to go for a run later. I think the idea was to make my arches "arch" a bit more, but I'm really not sure. I just finished 7 miles, and the main things I notice were that the extra "snugness" was quite comfortable to start, but eventually (around mile 3) the outside edges of my feet started to hurt where they were constricted by the tape. I've never tried running with my feet "bound" before, but I don't think it helped all that much (my knees were still aching a bit after the run, which is the main problem I'm trying to take care of with PT). I guess maybe it's a good thing that I didn't quite know what the therapist was trying to accomplish; that way I couldn't psych myself into thinking it was working or it wasn't.

On an unrelated note, has anybody else noticed how fast Sanoodi has become for route mapping? Since I got my Garmin last year, I haven't needed to use Sanoodi much. But it ended up coming to the rescue today when my Garmin battery died during my run. On previous occasions, it has taken longer for me to map my run than to actually run it! But this time it was blazing, even with the continuous elevation update turned on. They must've upgraded their hardware/software/ISP significantly. Good for them.

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