Thursday, February 28

Just running

I've been getting over a cold and trying to rest this week. I really need to sleep 8 hours.
I've been thinking about my mileage and my mileage goals.
And really, I just want to run.
Maybe I'll run more 5Ks and I'd like to run another marathon. Depending on my career situation, I'd kind of like my next marathon to be in another country. Great Wall Marathon or Macchu Picchu are two marathons that stand out.
But I'd just like to run without worrying too much about mileage or distance or math. 20 minutes to 2 hours. Just running three or four times a week. That would definitely be an advantage over where I am now.
I have two voices - kind of like the two angels you always see in cartoons. One good, one evil.
One angel says if you run you must track your mileage. Your courses. You must know exactly what you're doing. How far, how fast, how often.
The other angel says, "Shut up. Just run. Just have fun."
I'm not saying that one of these angels is good and the other evil. But I kind of want to just run without worrying about other things so much.


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