Thursday, February 28

On overtraining

I read an interesting blurb on overtraining in an e-mail teaster I just got about an article in Play magazine which will come in this Sunday's New York Times.

"Though it seems innocuous, overtraining isn't just a matter of having overdone things in a workout or two," Gretchen Reynolds writes in her column, "Crash and Burnout." Overtraining is a recognized illness, she writes, one that's similar in some respects to chronic-fatigue syndrome and major depression, with symptoms that might include mood changes, insomnia and fatigue. The conundrum for elite athletes, then, is maximizing training without crossing the line into overtraining. While science doesn't agree on how best to avoid crossing that line, there is consensus on how to treat it: "Rest, rest and more rest," says Robert Schoene, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego.

I'll have to read that magazine. Everything in it looks fascinating.


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