Sunday, February 17

Anteater Iron(wo)man!

My gym, the Anteater Recreation Center, has a program called the Anteater Ironman Challenge. You get the academic quarter (10 weeks) to complete an Ironman--by bits and pieces, on different days. I just signed up for it last Friday, at the bitter end of week 6 of the quarter. So I have four weeks to complete the 2.4 mile swim, 26.2 mile run, and 112 mile bike ride.

I am inordinately excited about this--a challenge, but a manageable one. If I finish by March 14th, I'll get a free t-shirt (while supplies last. I hope they last!). I'd like to think that I could finish before that, but who knows. I didn't sign up until after my workout on Friday, so my first bike ride was tacked on as an afterthought, on one of the stationary bikes at the gym. It would be more fun to have someone else doing it, too, but this should still be interesting.

At this point, I've swum 0.5 miles, run 3, and biked 2.5. I'm starting to think I might have been mistaken, and the biking might be the hardest part...



Blogger bl said...

The biking very well may be the hardest part but I don't have any doubt that when push comes to shove you can do it.
You could probably ride 100 miles at once if you needed to in order to finish the challenge. And it definitely won't come down to that.

February 17, 2008 5:41 PM  

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