Friday, February 8

Not running, not sleeping

Not only am I not running much anymore, I'm also not sleeping well.

Something's wrong and it's hard to express it.

I've got to regularly sleep more than 6 hours a night before I can run. I really need a goal before I run though, especially with the weather being so cold.

We'll see.

I hope you're running and training is going better than mine. I just want to sleep, which I think I'll go do right now.


Blogger MS said...

Pick a race. Doesn't have to be a marathon, it could be a 10K or even a 5K. The Route 66 is in April and goes within a couple blocks of where you live, so you've got no excuse (barring injury - *ahem*) not to run it.

Once you've picked a race, presto, you've got a goal. And if it's a shorter race you don't necessarily have to kill yourself going out and doing 18-milers on the weekend. Unless you want to.

February 08, 2008 10:51 PM  
Blogger bl said...

Actually I have kind of picked that race. Perhaps I should register.
That race is so far away, though, that it's easy not to run when it's cold outside.

February 08, 2008 11:20 PM  

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